Re: KDE Whiners

Ole Laursen wrote:
> > My question is: Why did Ximian take the ads down?? They should've
> > made them bigger!
> Look at it rationally.

I am.  Are you?
> Starting a war isn't going to help anyone - and it certainly isn't
> going to help interoperability. In a friendly atmosphere there is a
> much greater chance of agreeing, thus making it possible to share more
> code. Sharing code means saving time, which means there is more time
> to spend on making the perfect desktop environment.
> At least, by not starting or participating in such a war you'll have
> much more time to working on something more productive, e.g. producing
> code.
> So the question should rather be: why would they want to keep the ads
> when some people were ready to make it a problem?

Now the KDE team knows that if anyone from the GNOME team dissents about
what they're doing, they can just cry publicly and loudly, making sure
it gets up on Linux Today and lwn, and the GNOME team will cave.
> Much pain and hardly any gain.

So the pain comes the next time the GNOME team needs some cooperation on

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