Re: Gabber, GNOME & FreeBSD

On Fri, Feb 16, 2001 at 05:47:19AM +0900, Yukihiro Nakai wrote:

> Hmm, I've got such strange behavior with old gdm. (putenv or setenv func.)
> So, how about when you get getenv func source code in FreeBSD libc and link
> directly the gabber? or how about when you write a fake getenv func?

I linked the specific getenv() and __findenv() functions to gabber. Copied
over the .c files respectively from the source tree. Compiled them and just
put them in as objects since Gabber is a C++ program. No net change.

What do you mean by a fake getenv function? Im not a programmer so please
bear with the stupid questions.

Thank you.

Erich Zigler      

A good scare is better than good advice. --Tony Langdon 

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