Re: G-Panel problem

On 06 Feb 2001 07:38:21 +0100, Sacus Codini wrote:
> Hey everybody,
> I'm new to linux, so may be my problem would sound trivial, but it is 
> unsolvable for me, now. I'm running debian linux (potatoe 2.2r2). After starting X11 and window manager (I have tried Enlightenment and Sawmill), everything work OK, except gnome-panel. gnome-panel and gnome-panel-data are installed and I don't remember making any changes to any file related to X11 or Gnome. Should I edit .xsession .xClients and .xinitrc (if yes then how?) I can't find any documentation. Help me please.   -SCUD

What's the problem with it? is it not running when you start? 
Have you tried running ``panel'' from an xterm?
 If that doesn't work, what does it say?

Are you logging in graphically or loging in and running ``startx''?

are you running ``gnome-session'' or just whatever window manager?

Sory for all the questions but that's how to get answers. Try to be more
specific :-)


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