Re: gmc with afs (sorta) hangs

On Thursday, February 08, 2001 11:53:26 -0600, steve rader <rader ginseng physics wisc edu> wrote:
| Hello,
| Anybody home that knows gmc?
| I just fired up gnome on some afs client nodes and found that gmc is
| not a happy camper: strace sez it's "hanging" at least 30 minutes
| ('prolly more like two hours) while it opens/looks at about 150,000
| AFS cache files in /cache.
| I know this may be just an initial conditions problem, but it's
| still bogus.
| Is there some way to tell gmc to not traverse a given directory?  How?

There's supposed to be a way, but I've found it less than reliable; it still has an annoying tendency to try to enumerate root.afs periodically, with predictably painful results.

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