Re: C++ developing with GNOME...

Well, has some great info.  There are a number of books
available that deal with GTk+/GNOME programming (I recommend Havoc's,
although I suppose it might be a little out-dated soon.  ~,^)

And GNOME doesn't have anything to do with terminal apps.  ^,^

Also, if  you have any specific questions, ask on
gnome-devel-list gnome org .  Everyone tends to be pretty helpful there. 
One of the only lists I consistantly get answers to my questions on.

On 2001.02.05 14:50:27 -0500 Michael Weichert wrote:
> Hi again,
> I am getting more interested in Linux/GNOME. I have developed for BeOS 
> with C++. I'm not that great of a programmer yet, but I would like to 
> start developing apps for GNOME. How do I go about it? I want to be able 
> to make terminal and window applications.
> Thanks,
> MwWizard
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