Re: Some questions about permissions setting

Stanislav Okhvat wrote:


I switch frequently between root and me (my user name) and sometimes
copy files to my home directory under root. The files, of course,
become undeletable under my user name. Is there a way to change owner
of all files in a particular folder recursivel?.

Well, I'll use me (user david, group users) as an example. First cd to the root of the directory you want to do this to. Then:

 # find . -exec chown david.users {} \;

The '{}' is a placeholder for each file visited. Check out man find. It's a great little utilitly.

Also, I am looking for a good graphical program to manage users and
groups, linuxconf just doesn't have all flexibility that I need. Is
there one?

I generally dislike linuxconf. Last time I tried to use it to add users, it wouldn't let me designate their user ids. Maybe there is a gnome thing for this by now (he said, trying to be on-topic).

-- David

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