IMLIB and MIT-SHM Problem


Is GNOME resonsible for imlib?

I have searched the archives but this problem didn't stand out. Now I'm trying this list.

My problem is .... I installed enlightenment and then all GNOME
products but when I started e up it told me to either set MIT-SHM in
imlib_config or remove a setting for the pager. When I try to set MIT-SHM and save it, it just resets itself. The same for shared pixels.

With GNOME, when I tried to execute, for example, gmc, it told me that gmc should be compiled against shared memory (not those exact words as this is all from my memory now) and failed to run.

My local and global imrc files are fine and the Max Share Mem Size is disabled.

If I install imlib from my SuSe 6.2 installation, imlib_config behaves itself but the version is too old to be able to compile e and GNOME and besides, I don't know what their imlib was compiled against.

Below is some of my configure output, I thought I'd cut out all the bits with shm in. I hope it helps. There are two no(s) in the responses. Are they important?

checking for shmat... yes
checking for XShmAttach in -lXext... no
checking for XShmAttach in -lXextSam... no
checking for sys/shm.h... yes
checking whether shmctl IPC_RMID allowes subsequent attaches... yes
checking X11/extensions/XShm.h... yes


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