Re: Menu Editor and permissions

You're only allowed to modify the favorites menu.  The system menu is
seperate, and stored in /usr/gnome/apps (well, if using Redhat-style
install with RPMs).

It would be nice if user and system menus could be merged, but I foresee a
few difficulties - in the case of software update, do we override the
user's modified entry for an app or not?  How does a user disable a system
entry?  These are solvable problems, but problems difficult to solve
cleanly and efficiently.

Sean Etc.

On 2001.02.01 20:05:02 -0500 George M. Butler wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have another problem.    When I  use the menu editor it will not let
> me add
> another item to the menu but instead tells me that I don't have the
> correct permissions
> to add an item to the menu.  I believe that a user should be allowed to
> add items to his own
> menu.  What is going on here.  Can you help.  Thanks in advance.
> George
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