Re: can one eliminate Netscape from gnome apps

On Mon, Dec 31, 2001 at 03:44:02PM -0500, Timothy Olden wrote:
> This may have been asked, discussed and answered a thousand times so I
> apologize in advance also I don't want to start any netscape bashing
> but... I would like to break my gnome applications from the habit of
> starting netscape/mozilla for the  various things one might need a
> browser for (help menu items that link to a web site for example).  I
> love the gnome apps but hate the netscape they often want to call up. 
> So here is my situation I do not run a file manager (no gmc etc) at all
> since I always end up on the command line to get around anyway and I use
> enlightenment more than any other window manager (no sawfish).  I don't
> really like the all in one "desktops" (KDE, Gnome-Sawfish etc) way of
> running X... for me they seem slower and less reliable than just a
> window manager and a floating panel (which I do run for convienience
> although not all the time).  Therefore I generally don't have the
> "usual" tools for setting up URL handlers and applications and so on. In
> any event I have used the gnome control center's (v document
> handlers section from the panel to try and eliminate calls to mozilla
> and netscape redirecting them to my browser of choice, Opera,  but it
> does not seem to eliminate the gnome reliance on mozilla and netscape. 
> This reliance on netscape is of course not restricted to gnome apps many
> other tools with built in "links" want netscape I just figured gnome
> apps would be the easiest to ween off netscape.  I could be missing the
> obvious answer to freeing my gnome apps from netscape/mozilla and if so
> I will accept my dope slap gracefully... in the mean time
> comments/suggestions are welcome.

So changing the URL Handlers in the GNOME control center did not work?
Could you be more specific about which applications are fetching
Netscape when you do not want it and ignoring your control center
settings? Are there other apps that *do* honor the control center Opera

John Fleck
jfleck inkstain net (h),
"I've noticed that most artists only repeat themselves."
 - Marcel Duchamp

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