Re: Gnome locks frequently

Uh Oh. Houston we have a problem. I've been having the exact same thing
happen to me. I have RH 7.2 and an NVidia card. The kernel that shipped
with Red Hat and every one I've compiled after it seem to be VERY
unstable. Maybe it's the NVidia driver but I didn't have these problems
until I moved to RH 7.2 and I've always used the NVidia driver and not
the X one. 

Ever since I moved on to kernels 2.4.9 and above my system has been
flakier than the crappiest of Win 95 boxen. I don't know what to do. But
it is really embarassing when Linux locks up in front of my friends.

"I thought you said it was stable"


On Wed, 2001-12-12 at 23:55, Rob Brown-Bayliss wrote:
> On Thu, 2001-12-13 at 18:11, Ian T. wrote:
> > Rob , Joakim, Tesla et all.
> > I can see no pattern at all. 
> Does it happen it you log in as another user?  Maybe you have some app
> starting that is the problem.  I have seen version ov evolution in
> ciurcumstances steal all input, apparently it was a bonobo problem, but
> weather it is a problem with bonobo or a the apps treatment of some
> componet I cant recall.
> You said you used rh7.2, have you thought of going all ximian and seeing
> if that fixes it (or did that cause it, I dont run all ximian stuff)
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