Gnome locks frequently

Rob , Joakim, Tesla et all.

	I use kde out of nesessity, and it too will crash in the same manner but 
only once and only after Gnome has died in the same manner and then it seems 
not to crop up again. 

	Unlike Rob's problems, I'm not able to induce it by going back and forth 
between vt and the gui on F7.  Mine dies right in front of me.  Mouse just 
quits and the keyboard is rendered useless.  I can't get to a vt and the 
input from the keys is nowhere.   It has always failed between any action of 
significance.  It won't for instance freeze while opening something or 
running something from the command line.  I can see no pattern at all. 

	I don't have the luxury of being on a network to pick away from outside.  I 
do have an NVidia card but I have not upgraded to the 3d drivers.  I have 
them downloaded though... but I'm thinking twice now..XFree86 standard 2d are 
in use.  <g>

	I am now to the point of having it crash badly enough that the journaling is 
finishing up recovery then prompting me to run "fsck" manually then reboot 
then journalling kicks in a second time before it will boot.  ;*(  

	Thanks for all your input.
Cheers!  Ian.

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