Re: Installing Gnome...

On Tue, Dec 04, 2001 at 08:10:06PM -0000 or thereabouts, Ben Hill wrote:
> I have been trying to install Gnome for what seems like weeks! Actually it
> is weeks! :( > How does everybody else do it?

I compiled it once or twice. After that, I stuck to packages :)
> I have had problems with go-gnome, apt, CDROM, and dselect methods! It is
> driving me mad!!

Okay. So I presume this is Debian. It will matter very much which
version of Debian you have. Debian has GNOME packages. I think there's
even a 'task' group of GNOME. I'll let someone else tell you the
exact apt-get line you want. 

The thing to remember is that Ximian (who run
support potato. Their packages should run on woody but I'm not 
sure: they worked for me, but I wasn't using all the experimental
bits and I don't need a file manager. And they don't work on sid.
Well, they may, but it would be accidental. More accurate to say
they don't support sid. 

So for the first two you could use go-gnome, or get Red Carpet.
Red Carpet is Ximian's package manager and sits on top of rpm
or dpkg/apt. It likes a nice tidy package database. If you have
been using --force on installing packages, you will not have a
nice tidy package database, and RC will probably complain and
offer to do something about it. 

Finally, it's best to stick either to Debian's packaging of GNOME
things or Ximian's. Mixing and matching packages will get very

This was all written without my Debian box to hand, so someone
may need to correct it :)


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