Re: vicious build scripts - gnome 2.0

Ohh, I know this one! pick me, pick me, ... :)

On Tue, Dec 04, 2001 at 05:05:38PM -0800, Travis Saling wrote:
> This might generate a "this is the wrong list for this" response - and
> certainly it's one of the hazards of playing with CVS versions of
> software. But anyway..
> I was trying out the gnome2 CVS vicious build scripts. The process chugs
> along for quite some time, but eventually I run into the following
> error. Unfortunately there's absolutely no explanatory comments that I
> can find anywhere. Has anyone seen this?
> ... (chug chug chug...) ...
> Module: bonobo-activation
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> Checking for flags...
> Checking for append flags in /home/trav/gnome/head/cvs/APPEND_FLAGS...
> Checking for override flags in
> /home/trav/gnome/head/cvs/OVERRIDE_FLAGS...
> cd /home/trav/gnome/head/cvs
> cd /home/trav/gnome/head/cvs/bonobo-activation
> cvs -z3 update -dP -A
> cvs server: Updating .
> cvs server: Updating api-docs
> cvs server: Updating api-docs/tmpl
> cvs server: Updating bonobo-activation
> cvs server: Updating docs
> cvs server: Updating hack-macros
> cvs server: Updating idl
> cvs server: Updating po
> C po/ChangeLog

Here is the problem. The 'C' in the lefthand column stands for
"conflict". This means that CVS tried to merge changes from the
repository with local changes on your machine and couldn't do it
cleanly. The vicious-build-scripts (correctly) won't continue if you
have a CVS conflict.

Why has your local version changed, you might wonder? Well, the gettext
maintainers, in their infinite wisdom, decided that from version 0.10.38
or so, gettext would write a Changelog entry every time you run it
(previously it respected the "Changelogs are for humans to change"
convention).  They claim that scripts should not run gettext every time,
whereas in GNOME it makes sense to run it every time (according to the
i18n team).

Fortunately, gettext at least creates a Changelog~ file. So you can
either "cp po/Changelog~ po/Changelog" or just remove po/Changelog and
then the next rebuild will download it again.

And, yes, this cheeses me off. :(

> cvs server: Updating server
> cvs server: Updating test
> cvs server: Updating utils
> ERROR:bonobo-activation: updating bonobo-activation
> Build failed on bonobo-activation
> $
> ---
> I'm pretty sure I sourced the right file at the right time, and I've
> followed the steps in the order indicated (source, bootstrap, rebuild).
> The only change I've made is in gnome-head, where I've got
> "BASE=$HOME/gnome" instead of the default "BASE=/gnome". 
> Any ideas? Is it just that this section is currently broken in CVS? 

Nothing broken, nothing wrong with your change either. Just normal cvs
behaviour. :)


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