Re: a couple of questions/issues

On Sat, Aug 18, 2001 at 02:32:02PM -0500 or thereabouts, Kevin D Regan wrote:
> I just downloaded and installed Gnome 1.4 and I have a couple of
> questions/issues:
> 1) What is "magicdev" and why is it taking about 2%-5% of my CPU when there
> no windows open on the system?

[hobbit aloss ~]$ rpm -qi magicdev
<snip snip>
Summary     : GNOME daemon to automatically mount/play CD's
Description :
A daemon that runs within the GNOME environment and detects
when a CD is removed or inserted. It handles running auto-run
programs on the CD, updating the File Manager and playing audio CDs.
[hobbit aloss ~]$ 

All the below is guesswork, because I don't use it: 

If you are happy mounting CDs yourself, you don't need magicdev to
do it for you. Nautilus checks to see what's mounted so it knows 
whether to draw it on the desktop. I believe it checks in a different
way and doesn't need magicdev to do it, but I'm not sure.

As for the percentage, I don't know what it usually takes in terms
of load on the system. It should be pretty unnoticeable. You could
always try removing it and seeing what happens, and then put it 
back if you decide you need it. 

> 2) When I log out and log back in, Gnome sticks all of my windows 
> (XEmacs, XTerm, Mozilla) onto the same (initial) desktop.  Before 
> I logged out, they were each on their own desktop.

I get this with WindowMaker. I didn't know it happened with sawfish
too. (If you got Gnome 1.4, I presume it came with sawfish.) It's
a pain, yes. Does saving the session before logging out have any


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