Re: The future of gnome-pim - and Balsa, too?

On 13 Aug 2001, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:

> >>>With Evolution 1.0 soon to be realeased, I'm a bit concerned about the
> >>>future of other GNOME applications that implement some of its
> >>>functionality, mainly the Calender and Address Book, but to a certain
> >>>extent Balsa, too.
> >>First,  I am a very happy Evolution user.  Evolution FINALLY plugs a
> >>HUGE hole in the Linux application suite,  the calendering etc...
> >>actually can interact with other e-mail platforms (cough, Outlook,
> >>cough).
> >Balsa start nearly in one second.
> >Evolution need a few minutes (all tested flavour).
> Not quite a few minutes,  but certainly longer than Balsa.  But this is
> Linux,  I only start it once a day.
> >Evoltion doesn't like procmail.
> Neither do most users,  except old UNIX mavens.  I am an old UNIX maven,
> and agree that procmail is great,  but it doesn't matter one bit,
> ***users*** are never going to use it.  Never,  never, never.  It isn't
> even worth mentioning to them.

Dead wrong. Lot's of users (and we are talking about lots of more users 
here than evolution will have for quite some time) use procmail without
knowing they do so. It is very widely used as a local delivery agent in
institutions, inc. with users getting a set of predefined filters with
their account. 

> >Evolution can't handle big mailbox (subscribe to the linux kernel ml for a
> >few weeks and see).
> ?  My largest mailbox has almost 2k messages, seems fine.

2k messages counts as being on the higher end of small. Esp. when you
aren't using procmail.


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