Re: RedHat 7.1 + Ximian problems?

First of all, to fix the ximian install, you could try installing a few of the
rpm's yourself...  likely that'll produce the errors you seek.
Second, RH6.2(which I use currently) does have a "custom workstation" option,
and after that a "choose packages" option.  I haven't seen the 7.1 installer,
but it likely has those.
Asher Freese

Daniel Hauck wrote:

> I have installed a fresh installation of RedHat 7.1 (Seawolf).  I installed
> "everything" and have added nothing extra.  I have run the Ximian installer
> twice now in two different ways -- first remotely and second by downloading
> all the files from their web site.  In both cases the installer will refuse
> to install anything based on unresolved dependencies.
> This is a FRESH install.  Everything is stock.  This is really becoming
> disappointing to me now.  There should be no more ideal installation
> platform than the one I have selected and yet it doesn't work.
> Furthermore, there is a lack of flexibility in the installer.  Four install
> options?  What's that?  We have no idea what we are installing in our
> machines?  This is rather Microsoftian don't you think?  "Trust us, we know
> what you want to install."
> The error messages are vague with no apparent way for me to check or report
> precise errors.
> So now I have a fresh system that Ximian says will install but does not.  I
> cannot tweak anything so that I can overcome the problems and I cannot
> report the problems accurately because the errors are vague.  What am I to
> do?
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