RE: rpm formats : v3 might handle some v4 aspects

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> From: David T. Bath [mailto:bathd edipost auspost com au]
> When one "./configure --help" in the rpm THREE
> source tree, you find an option for experimental
> support of version FOUR format.

Yeah, RPM 3.0.6 (I think) has support for version 4 packages.  I think that
3.0.5 may as well.  

> That's a cool attempt by the rpm developers for
> FORWARDS compatability.
> But has anyone built a v3 with v4 compatability
> and actually tested it on v4 files?  This might
> come in a number of flavors:
> 1. "rpm -qp" works
> 2. "rpm2cpio" works
> 3. You have to reinit you rpm db with v3,
>    upgrade to rpm v4, and it works

I've used it to install binary packages from rawhide, and to rebuild
packages from rawhide for use on RH 6.2.  

> etc etc
> Does anyone know just how far v4 emulation within
> v3 goes, and the steps involved in upgrading the
> db?

I don't think it uses the new database format, it just adds support for RPM
v4 packages.

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