sources.list in apt-get

On Tue, Sep 26, 2000 at 02:44:29AM +0500, Mark Gordon wrote:
-> > Hi Everybody,
-> > I'm running Debian Potato and I just decided to try out Helix-Gnome.
-> > Everything was working great untill today when sawfish died on me.  I
-> > did two things today that may have cause the problem.  I updated and
-> > upgraded my system:
-> > 
-> >     >apt-get update
-> >     >apt-get upgrade
-> Yup, that would do it.  ;-) Our Debian Potato sawfish was broken for a
-> while late last week.  It should be fixed now (apt-get update & apt-get
-> upgrade again, of course).


what should I add to the surces.list file, when I want to install helixgnome
by apt?

I've this : 
deb woody main

but it doesn't work :-(

Thnx for help.


One time, you all will be emulate by linux!

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