Re: RedHat 7 and Helixcode

"Rob Brown-Bayliss" <on_the_net clear net nz> writes:

> I was wondering how the Helixcode distribution of Gnome will compare to RH7
> Gnome?  

The helix binaries will have some concerns on RHL7, because of all the
various libraries which have been updated since RHL6.2.  When I tried
installing helix gnome with the beta, it didn't work.  (I don't
particularly remember how it didn't work... I don't think the rpm's

Until Helix gets a RHL7 setup going, you might be stuck in the RH
Gnome Ghetto.  Although their packages are pretty recent and
functional: I've been using them since pinstripe came out.

Alan Shutko <ats acm org> - In a variety of flavors!
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