errors compiling gnome-print

I get the following when making gnome-print 0.23:

gnome-font-face.c: In function `xmlGetValue':
gnome-font-face.c:799: structure has no member named `childs'
gnome-font-face.c:790: warning: `child' might be used uninitialized in
this function
gnome-font-face.c: In function `gnome_font_load_fontmap':
gnome-font-face.c:835: structure has no member named `root'

I did have some trouble configuring this lib, namely that it wasn't able
to run the gdk-pixbuf test, although it claimed to have compiled it. As I 
had compiled and installed gdk-pixbuf 0.90 minutes earlier, I overrran
this with --disable_gdk-pixbuftest, after which it detected the lib

To get gnome-print's configure script to detect most of the dependencies I
also had to symlink the *'s from /usr/local/lib to /usr/lib, was
this the right thing to do? I did this with a sort of 'seat-of-the-pants'

So how to make gnome-print?

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