Re: 104 keboard

Michael Thomas wrote:
> Hello all.
> I just got a 104 key keboard w/ the windows keys and was able to use
> xkeycaps to map
> the extra keys.
> My question is how do i make the change global, so that the extra keys
> are available to
> anyone.
> Thanks in advance.

Using the keyboard events is gui-toolkit/application depend. For
X Toolkit (xt) you can use translations (in resource files)
to rebind events from these extra keys to actions. Gtk+
unfortunately lacks keyboard (or other input event) translation
ability (yes, there is ability to set accelerator in menu, but
it's limited to ctrl and alt key combinations).

Some window managers also has ability to configure translation
eg. sawfish (from the control center), and this might be best
place to use these keys as they are aimed for window/menu 

btw. Does anyone know if there are work to establish keyboard/
input event translation confugartion to Gtk+ ? Now (1.2 series)
the keybindings are hardcoded into widgets.

email: Petri Heinila lut fi
  gsm: +358 40 52 77 589
  irc: hevi (IRCnet)

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