Re: Netscape on the Desktop

Shel Johnson wrote:

> For some reason, every time I log in to the desktop, Netsape pops up..
> Does anyone know how to stop this??..
> Another question.. earlier I was having trouble with my control panel
> disappearing.. I got that fixed by doing a 'panel &' command.. Well, the
> panel is back, but now I've noticed something strange.. The part of the
> panel that tells you what apps you have running is duplicated.. ie I have
> 2 of them.. How do I get rid of one of them??... Thanks!!!
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In the Gnome Control Center (gnomecc), find and select, in the left tree,
the section labeled "Startup Programs".  Then you will see a button, in the
right pane, that reads "Browse Currently Running Programs".  A dialog will
appear with a list of (gnome enabled) processes that are configured.  Press
the Help button and read about how to use this dialog.  Hint... if you left
netscape running after gnome started it, it will be in this list.  Set the
style of netscape to trash.  Also set your other program that is doubling to
trash also (only do this to one or both will be gone).   Then logout of your
gnome session (saving changes).  Remember that some programs you leave
running while saving your session will reappear next time.

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