Re: How do I ...

tschroeder vistatrak com (2000-09-12 at 2229.31 -0700):
> By the way, I am using RedHat 6.2.
> 1.  Reduce the resolution gnome runs at?  It seems to be defaulting to
> something like 1280x1024, and on a 17-inch monitor that means everything is
> too small.

GNOME is the GUI, You need to change your driver config, which
possibly means XFree86. Read the XFree docs to know what to do. Hint:
the file you need to change is /etc/X11/XF86Config (at least under my
Linux distro, yours too).

> 2.  Allow only a few of the "terminals" (Alt-f1, Altf-2, etc) to be
> X-enabled, while the others are text only.  RedHat 5 did this, but I can't
> find a place to tell RedHat 6 to do it.

I do not follow you here at all. My first six consoles are running a
text login process, and the seventh is used for X when I need it
(manual startx, no gdm... sometimes I have 2 or 3 X, so 8 and 9
console are used too).

What do you have and what do you want?


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