Configure GNOME apps to use Netscape as browser


I've installed GNOME 1.2 on my SGI Indy running IRIX 6.5.9m.
Basically I want the default URL handler to be be Netscape which
I have running most of the time.  So In the prefs and URL Handler,
I set the "default" setting to:

netscape -remote 'OpenURL("%s")'

Problem is that when I click on any links in GNOME apps, netscape
gets the OpenURL command with the URL "%s" literally, so it fails.
I tried various combinations of quotes in the string, but failed
to make it work.  It seems that the OpenURL seems to be screwing
things up.  Without that the %s is expanded properly.

I'm sure someone must have had this problem...? Thanks,

Himanshu Gohel, gohel csee usf edu

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