Re: gnome-print problem

In message <39BBF3B8 21FAF401 chalonsursaone com>, Patrick_d writes:

>Hi, I've problems with gnome-print-0.22
>when I compile gnumeric or gedit (etc...) with
>installed I get these errors :

>/usr/lib/ undefined reference to `unicode_iconv_open'
>/usr/lib/ undefined reference to `unicode_init'
>/usr/lib/ undefined reference to `unicode_iconv'

>all is OK with (gnome-print-0.20) but 0.22 is
>required for nautilus and evolution...
>wich fail to compile with same errors as above.

>thanks for advice...

The problem is that libunicode 0.4 is missing, so that
"unicode-config --libs" doesn't return usable results.  A lot of things build
with this broken package, because they don't actually *use* anything in
libunicode.  You can either grab the CVS version of libunicode or I can post a
minimal patch to 0.4 to the list.  (I produced a local 0.4 with only the
minimal changes to correct this defect.)


John GOTTS <jgotts linuxsavvy com>

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