Gnome Terminal and numeric keypad problems


	Someone just pointed out to me that my editor (nano) doesn't
work with the numeric keypad (i.e. it doesnt get numbers back, just
odd data) in the gnome terminal.  I know it works for xterm, aterm,
rxvt, Linux console, etc, but this has me confused now.  Does gnome
terminal do something particularly non-standard with the keypad or
something, or is nano assuming something that other terminals will allow
but gnome terminal is strict about?

Here's a sample of the data I get when using the keypad under gnome
terminal and nano (not that num-lock *is* turned on :-) :

Keypad # 2, 4, 6, 8, give Alt-O followed by a letter, r, t, v, or x
The rest of the keys give numbers around the 350 range.  

My $TERM appears to be set to xterm, which seems logical.  If this is
something known with gnome-terminal and ncurses, I apologize for not
being in the know already :>  I dont think nano does anything
non-standard or unusual, it calls keypad() at initialization
and so forth... Any help would be appreciated.

[P.S. Not subscribed to the list]

Chris A
Chris Allegretta

"I can't be calm, no no no no no no.  I'm the MASTER of the MECHANICAL
*STUFF*!  And I have to HELP YOU!" - Artemus Gordon, Wild Wild West

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