Attempting to port Gnome to OpenBSD

I'm attempting to port Gnome to OpenBSD and have gotten most of
it working.

I'm having a problem compiling Gnumeric and Evolution, however.

I get the message

dialog-cell-format.c: In function `cb_font_changed':
dialog-cell-format.c:1161: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
dialog-cell-format.c:1162: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
dialog-cell-format.c:1167: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
dialog-cell-format.c:1169: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type

The problem appears to be with GnomeFont, which was defined in gnome-print.
I had already built gnome print (.22) and it appeared to work OK.

Looking at the include files for the Gnome system, I see that GnomeFont is
defined in



typedef struct _GnomeFont  GnomeFont;
typedef struct _GnomeFontPrivate GnomeFontPrivate;
typedef struct _GnomeFontClass  GnomeFontClass;
typedef struct _GnomeFontClassPrivate GnomeFontClassPrivate;

Unfortunately, the structs _GnomeFont , etc do not appear to be defined
anywhere (except in files in gnome-print named gnome-font-private, etc, which
do not get installed when I install gnome-print.

Further complexities:  Initially I built the gnome stuff successfully (including gnumeric)
but got frequent messages from libtool that it didn't know whether OpenBSD could handle
interlibrary dependencies for shared libraries, so it built static libraries.

I checked up on this, and apparently, OpenBSD CAN handle interlibrary dependencies
between shared libraries --- a new version of libtool came out.

I rebuilt everything and many applictions worked that didn't work before.

Unfortunately, the new problem cropped up as well with gnumeric...

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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