Re: Solaris6: cpumemusage_applet doesnt work.

>From: "Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH" <allbery ece cmu edu>

>On 09/05/00 23:09:51 +0200, Jan Houtsma <jan houtsma net> wrote:
>| I compiled gnome from source on solaris6.
>| When i try to run gnome-applets-1.2.1/cpumemusage/cpumemusage_applet
>| i get an assert from proc.c on line 62:
>| glibtop_get_mem (&mem);
>| assert ((mem.flags & needed_mem_flags) == needed_mem_flags);
>libgtop doesn't currently do anything useful on Solaris, so 
>cpumemusage_applet has nothing to display.

This isn't entirely true.  The latest Beta versions have pretty much everything 
working on Solaris 2.6 through 8.  Only the swap size measurement is really 
hosed.  I've had a (very) little to do with the code here - I also used it to 
port some of the Enlightenment Epplets for use on Solaris and other non-Linux 
hosts, and it works fine on my Solaris 9_alpha system, too.  I have a flaming 
CPU meter, a memory and (broken) swap meter, a load meter, and boxes containing 
date and uptime information, running in front of me.

The problem is more to do with it's lack of progress right now.  Maybe this will 
be addressed by the new members of the Gnome Foundation soon?  ;O)

I suggest you go get the current Beta version of libgtop and try that - check 
out the code under the sysdeps tree first to make sure you have a version with 
Solaris code in?  Sorry, I don't know what version is good or where to get it 
right now.  There's a libgtop-devel-list egroups com alias you can try, though 


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