Re: netscape wont work

Hi Jason!

On Tue, 05 Sep 2000, Jason P Shanley wrote:

> has anyone else been having this prob. 
> the version of netscape is 4.73 (which i have been using since may and
> worked fine before helix gnome) 
> like i said distro redhat 6.1
> xfree version (what ever comes with 6.1 i forget right now)
> any help is appreachiated(sp?) 
> oh i would try galan with mozilla except that the last milestone i got
> (M16) ran really slow (i only have a p 200 with 32M ram )  

Are you connected to the internet when you try to start netscape?

Netscape freezes on me unless I'm connected.  I'm using 4.73.  I
have never got it to work except when I first run it after I 
erase the .netscape directory.  

I don't think there is a fix for this.  Just make sure you connected.

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