netscape wont work

i have installed the latest gnome and gotten the most recent updates using
helix-update(last night). i have been using helix gnoem for about a week
when all of the suden netscape wont work. what happens is that i start
up netscape and it shows its about screen, i click on it and then it
freezes and i have to bring up ia terminal and kill netscape. and then
this mornig netscape crashed my whole X session where i had to get a
vitual term (atl+ctrl+f1) and kill off everything. 
the reason i am writting this list is becuase i had no problems till i got
helix gnome. i used whatever version of gnome comes with redhat 6.1 for
months and KDE for months and no problems. it wsnt till i updated gnome
that i started having these problems. and this problem is repeatable(i did
a re-install of redhat 6.1 updated gnome and agian netscape stops working
after about a week or so, did this now a total of 3 times) 
the onlt way i can get netscape to work is if i rm my preferences.js file
from home/cinchel/.netscape (my home dir ) but that is a pain in the but. 

has anyone else been having this prob. 
the version of netscape is 4.73 (which i have been using since may and
worked fine before helix gnome) 
like i said distro redhat 6.1
xfree version (what ever comes with 6.1 i forget right now)

any help is appreachiated(sp?) 
oh i would try galan with mozilla except that the last milestone i got
(M16) ran really slow (i only have a p 200 with 32M ram )  

thanks in advance 
jason shanley 

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