Re: Build errors for mc-4.5.51-0_helix_1.src.rpm

On Mon, Sep 04, 2000 at 04:39:06PM -0400 or thereabouts, Frank Hale wrote:
> Okay when I build mc-4.5.51-0_helix_1.src.rpm I get a ton of errors from
> jade like below. The mc rpm never gets built, has anyone ran across
> this? What is the solution?
> jade:../gmc.sgml:372:24:E: element "GUIMENUITEM" undefined
> jade:../gmc.sgml:377:62:E: element "GUILABEL" undefined

At a guess, the documentation has the GNOME "hacked DocBook" DTD 
instead of the standard DocBook DTD. We altered the DocBook DTD 
a bit so that it would cope with PNGs in it instead of GIFs, and 
there's a gnome stylesheet to go with it too.

Clearly you have all the other DocBook tools installed. Your choices

(1) Change the DTD back to standard DocBook and remove all the 
pictures (that might not be necessary, but if you get more than 200
"what's this picture format?" errors, jadw will be ill as below)

(2) Get and install the GNOME stuff from
It's there as tarball, src.rpm, rpm and deb. (I had trouble with the
src.rpm for some reason, but I break everything :)). They are not at
all big: 30k or something. 

This is a pest:
> jade:I: maximum number of errors (200) reached; change with -E option

jade reaches a certain number of errors and gives up. The remaining
solution is, when people are compiling source tarballs, to tell them
to remove "docs" from SUBDIRS in the makefiles, but I'm not quite
sure how simple that is with rpms :)

By the way, we know this is a complete and utter pain. KDE and GNOME
jointly submitted a Request for Enhancement to the DocBook folks, and
now DocBook version 4.0 and future versions will support PNGs. In the
future, therefore, this will go away. Whee.


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