building Gnome from src.rpms

Is there a FAQ somewhere about building the src.rpms from HelixCode. I
am not new to compiling code but cannot get Gnome to build from the
src.rpms to save my life. I am downloading the src.rpms from I've
followed building and installing the applications in order as on but no luck control-center-1.2.1
keeps exiting with errors. 

sound-properties.o: In function `reload_esd_samples':
sound-properties.o(.text+0x19d8): undefined reference to
sound-properties.o(.text+0x19eb): undefined reference to
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

If I try to build applications after control-center they exit with
errors aswell so I am stuck at control-center. Hopefully somebody has
already figured this out because I've wasted 2 days on it and cannot
find any help at all.


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