Re: building Gnome from src.rpms

Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
> Is ESD installed? And is it in the "correct" location? Looks to me like
> it's not finding ESD symbols
> > sound-properties.o: In function `reload_esd_samples':
> > sound-properties.o(.text+0x19d8): undefined reference to
> > `esd_sample_getid'
> > sound-properties.o(.text+0x19eb): undefined reference to
> > `esd_sample_free'
> > collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> >

Okay after further investigation I've come to conclude that gnome-libs
is whats making it fail. If I use gnome-libs-1.2.4 then control-center
will not build, I suspect other packages will not build against it
either. If I use 1.2.3 control-center builds fine. 

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