Re: [gnome-core-1.0.39-10] Daily Crashes

On Thu, Aug 31, 2000 at 11:58:56AM -0700, Craig Orsinger wrote:
> On 31-Aug-00 John Bacalle wrote:
> >> Anyhow, I'm running RHL 6.1 and GNOME crashes daily, is this normal? Is
> >> it my install? My install isn't one of my fondest, RHL defaults to
> >> eating all of my 32MB RAM when it boots, save ~800KB, and consequently
> >> my system caches a lot and is slow. =( But, that's not here nor there.
>         Unless you're using an 8-bit Xserver, this may not
> be enough RAM. With a 24-bit Xserver, the minimum I feel 
> comfortable with is 64MB of RAM. This situation isn't going
> to get better when you upgrade to the newest GNOME.

Apparently, it did get a little better under Helix GNOME. I can't put a
number to it, but it feels like a 10-30% speed increase in menu snap-to,
max/min-imizing apps.

>         Helix GNOME might be just the thing. They have a script
> that downloads and installs GNOME for you, so unless you want
> to go to the trouble of downloading and building the latest
> tarballs (GNOME tarballs build as RPMs, you just have to use
> the "rpm -tb" command) this is probably the easiest way to
> upgrade.

I'm not sure I get this portion. Taking a tarball and applying that
command spits out an RPM?

I see this,
  rpm [-b|t] [package_spec]+
  rpm [--tarbuild] [tarredsource]+

But not that '-tb' command.


John Bacalle

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