Re: [Helix GNOME] Installation/Downloading Errors

On Fri, Sep 01, 2000 at 03:54:39AM +0500, Yura Kovalenko wrote:
> Do no use that go-gnome script.
> It never worked for me.
> Go to Manual installtion page and download one file, chmod it to a+x and
> run. Nice installer should come up.

Yep, you called it. Some annoyances, the d/l URL had a .gz extension,
but the file itself does not - although in fact it's been gzip'ed -
so I had to deal with that irritation.

I really would've preferred a console install, and from FTP available
files.  Restarting that installer's d/l after losing a connection is
drudgery, but over FTP it could easily be restarted by ncftp, say.


John Bacalle

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