Re: Gnome 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 crashes all the time...

* André Rabello dos Anjos (Andre Rabello mail com) wrote at 15:57 on 21/10/00:
> Hi, is this the right place to ask for help?
> Well, my linux box has been running gnome since a while now. I have RH6.1 system but have done lots of upgrades since them. Initially it was robust enough, but recently, after upgrading some things (which I don't exactly recall now), gnome started crashing. It's really bad to loose some work and have to recover every couple of hours and sometimes even minutes. That's how long crashes are taking nowadays over here:-(

Can you please state which INDIVIDUAL app is crashing? Once you determine
which app is crashing, you can then usually figure out what the problem is.
> Anyhow, is there a known bug that causes this bad behaviour? My /var/log/messages just say this after a crash:
> Oct 20 18:59:10 aqui gnome-name-server[1205]: input condition is: 0x10, exiting

This is nromal

> Which unfortunately, I don't know the meaning... Does anyone of you know? Please, any light would be good, I would _really_ rate to have to change my desktop. Gnome is really a major step on linux desktop'ing!

No - not unless you tell us EXACTLY what you are doing. Does all of 'X' crash?
if this is so, then it is an X bug, and not a GNOME bug

> I've tried chaning kernel versions, libraries and other stuff. I event de-installed gnome-core 1.2.2 thinking it could be buggy, but the behaviour repeats with version 1.2.1... Any clues?

Note: the latest stable gnome-libs version is 1.2.4

> 	Cheers, Andre.
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