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   Posted this once before, and haven't heard any sort of response for
three days.  I'm trying to determine if the message didn't go through,
or it's just that nobody has any answers.  Is there not enough info
given?  Should I be giving more details?

   I've been looking through the archived mailing lists for answers to
these questions, and haven't found one yet; so I'll go ahead and put the
questions to the group:

   1. I would like to make it possible for the user to click-and-drag a
     column in a CList, making it simple to rearrange the columns.  There
     is a function for swapping rows (which is obviously simple since each
     row is itself a discrete object), but none for swapping columns.  It
     seems that I will likely have to write a routine that loops through
     the rows and swaps the contents row-by-row, as well as swapping the
     title widgets.  The question is, how do I determine which column is
     to be swapped with which?  Is there some sort of routine available
     that will handle most of the grunt work for me?  Just something that
     will keep track of the beginning of the drag-and-drop and tell me
     which column I should be moving, and to where...

   2. Somewhat related question: if I attach a popup menu to a CList, is
     there a way to determine the specific *row* that was clicked on at
     the time that the popup menu was raised?  I have functions, called
     from the popup menuitems, which need to know which specific row was
     under the pointer when the popup was raised.

many thanks,
Jim Wiggs
wiggs wiggs net

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