RE: Multiple Displays


Jason: Are you asking, or telling?

(i.e. have you done this?)

I have a spare video controller and monitor and
would love to experiment, but I would like to confirm
that someone has successfully done this before
I get into it.

Thanks for the time,


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Gordon Messmer wrote:
> On Fri, 6 Oct 2000, Tony Demark wrote:
> > Problem:
> > * Would like to have gnome fire up on both screens
> > * While a 'panel' would be nice on both screens, is not necessary
> > * I am not using graphical login. I log in and then 'startx' when
> I tried this a while back, and maybe someone here can tell us whether or
> not it's possible.
> As far as I could tell, GNOME doesn't really support multihead displays
> (though Xinerama works mostly well).  With that information, I tried
> running multiple gnome-sessions on different displays with a .Xclients
> file sorta like:

Can't you assign a virtual desktop to each of your two displays?  Then
Gnome will take advantage of your displays automatically as part of its
support for virtual desktops.

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