Re: Tasklist doesn't redraw after window is destroyed

In message <3929CE86 D1DEBEA9 mbnet mb ca>, Sydney Weidman writes:

>Thirdly, and perhaps most annoyingly, the tasklist seems to crash when
>I'm using netscape. The problem seems to be related to the opening of
>netscape dialog boxes, because this is inevitably when netscape will
>crash. I have an odd feeling that this also has something to do with
>Sawmill (err, Sawfish, sorry), because I experienced even more severe
>problems (e.g. total lock-up, hard reset required) when I installed
>Sawfish 0.27 which always occurred under the same circumstances. For
>instance I could consistently hang my computer by right clicking on an
>email address Netscape Messenger and clicking "Add sender to address
>book". The only thing that fixed this problem was uninstalling Sawfish
>0.27 and reinstalling Sawfish 0.26.

The desk guide applet crashed on me today after clicking on File->Close in a
Netscape window.  I'm running:

Sawfish 0.31
Communicator 4.75

This is the first time I can remember that the desk guide applet has crashed
on me.  I installed sawfish last Monday and gnome-core last Tuesday, so either
one could be at fault.  (Though I doubt it's the window manager).


John GOTTS <jgotts linuxsavvy com>

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