Re: apm and gnome

"Paul R. Brandariz" wrote:
> Hi there gnome users:
>     I
>     In the control-center there is a way to start the screen saver as
> well as to control
> the monitor and tell the system to use the Power Management system to
> turn off the
> monitor after the screeen saver is started.
>     Is there a way to invoke  "apm -s" to  bring a system to standby
> after the monitor is
> shut down ? Naturally, this has to somehow be done as root (which could
> be an issue since there is no one to suppply a password).
> Unfortunatelly, I can't  manually invoke apm -s since this would then
> disable the screen saver startup as well as the Power management of the
> monitor.

Well...  Nevermind.... 

	After looking at the control-center code the way the monitor 
is shutdown is through an "xset dpms" command.  The X server possibly
takes control of this. Now if the X server sends and event to clients with
the power management states this might be possible. Hmmmm....

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