Re: Locking down the User Interface

dsh8290 rit edu (2000-11-14 at 1544.58 -0500):
[good comments]

I think you have explained the same I think, Unix is multiuser, each
one is old enough to configure, or not at all if you do not want to
invest the time, and a script can restore an account to safe defaults.
Last time I check, GNOME runs over Unix systems, so you get the Unix
features (and problems).

So is one of those who want to lock user options going to tell me why
it is so needed? Is the response "I am a dictactor and Unix system
does not help"? The idea, in context (this is not Windows, you can not
break the machine as normal user, and you can recover default config
fast), only makes sense for dictator styles, IMHO.

BTW, for those who think full standarization at working place is right
(yes, if you want bored workers, and thus improductive workers), I
would ask them if the seats are glued and the pens have only one place
to be put. If computer is, why not the rest? Maybe somebody is
forgetting to lock things. ;]


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