Re: [Helix Updates] GNOME 1.0 "Bongo GNOME" Now Available -- Convince me!!!!!!

Gustav Schaffter wrote:
> 3) Run the Helix Gnome installer, that will download and install it for
> me. (Wait a minute, I've got four boxes here and there will soon be a
> few more... I can't do an on-line installation per box. This just cannot
> be the intention.)

I figured out how to do this.  You run the installer on one machine. 
After it downloads everything, the RPMs are in /tmp/helix-install.  They
will eventually be deleted by the installer, but not until after you
press the last OK button, giving it the go-ahead to restart your X
session.  So, you have plenty of time to copy the files from the
download directory to somewhere else.

>From there, you have two choices: you can copy the packages to the other
LAN stations and run rpm by hand, or you can put the RPMs on an NFS or
FTP shared area and run the installer from the other machines, pointing
it to the local copy.  The latter is prettier and probably smarter about
making sure the upgrade goes as smooth as possible.

= Warren -- ICBM Address: 36.8274040 N, 108.0204086 W, alt. 1714m

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