Re: unset LINGUAS

If the LINGUAS environment variable is set, does it cause gettext to "build"
only those languages in the variable, or build everything it has but fail
if all of the ones in LINGUAS aren't available.

And in a related note, if LINGUAS is unset, does it cause gettext to
"build" everything or just the default.

I could, of course, just try it out, but I'm too lazy right now. ;)

	= L

> Because when you have that variable set, the internationalization
> component of GNOME -- gettext -- tries to find text catalogs for each
> language mentioned in your LINGUAS variable when building the package. 
> This usually causes problems when LINGUAS is set to "en" (meaning
> English) but there is no English message catalog. 
> Why would this happen?  In most GNOME programs, English is the default
> that the program falls back on when it's not told to do something
> different: there is no separate English message catalog.  Sometimes you
> find a message catalog for one of the non-American English dialects,
> like en_UK for English English. :)

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