Re: Help on esound (follow-up)

At times I embarrass myself by asking for help and then finding the answer 
immediately afterward.  Hopefully, my findings this will help other people 
as well.

I looked at my kernel configuration and noted that I compiled sound support 
inside the kernel rahter than as a module.  The reason I did this was that 
my soubdblaster16 card is not plug-n-play and uses jumpers for configuration 
instead.  For Linux, I'd think that'd be a good choice.  I love this little 
antique card. :)

As it turns out, when I recompiled the sound components as modules, ALL of 
my problems disappeared.  I now have sound events as root and as a regular 
user.  I now have access to the esound plugin for xmms as well.  It would 
seem that compiling sound as modules is the only way to do go.  (After 
compiling as a module, run sndconfig to set up the conf.modules file 
correctly if you are a redhat user.)  Even though I don't yet know all the 
'whys' I at least know some of the 'whats' regarding sound implementation 
and use.


	I have installed slackware-7.0 and and making use of gnome as
my desktop. I have enabled sound server startup and sounds for
events. On doing a ps -aef I find esd running up

	esd -terminate -nobeeps -as 2 -spawnpid 257

	When I go to the sound events and click on play nothing
happens. However, if I use esdplay I am able to listen to the sound.

	What could be wrong. If it is available in some FAQ please
send me the url to that. I have gone through the online manual and

	Thanks for the help.


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