Re: Help requested: more .desktop files.

> I hope that sane criteria for inclusion of apps will be applied.
> I for one would not like to encounter long lists off apps like
> `Freeciv',`bomber',`xkobo',`Pingus', `Maelstrom', `Xboing' `RH control-panel'
> in the menu's (even using submenus).
> I will then have to start removing the unwanted extras.
> A better solution methinks is just to tell the newcomers how they can
> include them in the menu's themselves. Put it in the gnome help.
> Then everybody can roll their own menus.

I disagree that the current method of entering program entries
is what users should be limited to.  I also agree with you 
that creating desktop icons for every single installed 
X application would hurt usability.

A better solution might be to have a large list of 
.desktop entries in a repository.  Then, when users want to 
add programs to the desktop, two options could be presented:

	1)  Add a new entry by hand.  When a program
	    executable name is entered, the repository 
	    could be checked and defaults could be read 
	    in from the related .desktop file.

	2)  Scan the hard drive (or RPMs/Packages)
	    for installed programs and then present
	    the list with checkboxes that enable the
	    user to select a group apps to be added.

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