RE: Help requested: more .desktop files.

In reaction to Miguel de Icaza's:
> There are various applications being shipped today in Linux systems,
> and GNOME does fail to automatically detect them.
 > I am looking for volunteers to submit new .desktop entries for popular
> applications and games in Linux so that they appear on our menus.

a number of `form' entries have been submitted and more are maybe underway.

I hope that sane criteria for inclusion of apps will be applied.
I for one would not like to encounter long lists off apps like
`Freeciv',`bomber',`xkobo',`Pingus', `Maelstrom', `Xboing' `RH control-panel'
in the menu's (even using submenus).
I will then have to start removing the unwanted extras.

A better solution methinks is just to tell the newcomers how they can
include them in the menu's themselves. Put it in the gnome help.
Then everybody can roll their own menus. 

Just include some "fundamental" apps to start with.


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