Re: UPDATED desktop files (once more)

Re putting in every random application, I've just been going through
RedHat 6.1 and adding apps I found there. Today I'll compile a list of
stuff like Acrobat, Corel WP and other stuff I find.

> I hope that sane criteria for inclusion of apps will be applied.
> I for one would not like to encounter long lists off apps like
> `Freeciv',`bomber',`xkobo',`Pingus', `Maelstrom', `Xboing' `RH
> in the menu's (even using submenus).

>Well, there's already one criteria there: whether or not you have the
>app installed.  

>It would be nice, though, if you could easily turn things off from
>appearing in the menu.  

If a person doesn't have the application installed, then it shouldn't
show up in the menu, no? And if you don't want something to show up in
the menu, you just delete it in Menu editor. I guess a nice-to-have
would be to be able to right-click on the menu entry and be able to
delete it from there.


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