RE: PNG's in Netscape using EOG

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> From: Loban Rahman []
> Sent: Tuesday, March 28, 2000 2:25 PM
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> Subject: Re: PNG's in Netscape using EOG
> > As I understand it, Netscape displays PNG's fine when they 
> are on a site like
> > <IMG SRC="ping.png"> but it chokes if you link to a PNG 
> that the browser will
> > be displaying by itself. I don't know why, that's just what 
> it does for me.
> Yes, that is my problem EXACTLY.
> So, anyone know how to rectify that (with EOG/Plugger/etc. or 
> without)?

ok, so maybe I'm stupid or something.  I'm running some version of netscape
(4.7x), and I go to ESR's homepage, because I know it's got pings
(   I alt-click (that's left for most of you)
on one of the PNGs (the cathedral and the bazaar), and say 'view image'.  It
shows up just fine.  Can you give me a better example?  I'm not denying that
Netscape is broken (because it's horribly broken), but just saying I can't
reproduce this problem.

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