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Patrick Colbeck wrote:

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> Hi
> I have just installed Helix Gnome on my RedHat 6.1 box and now have a
> task bar like thing at the top of my screen as well as a panel at the
> bottom.

The task bar is just another panel - you can remove it by right clicking on
a clear bit of the bar, selecting "panel -> remove this panel".

> What is this taskbar and how do I remove it as it stays infront of
> windows when I maximise them thus preventing me closing the windows.

It's what it looks like, a little task bar, basically a special type of
panel. It's easy to remove, follow the instructions above. The new
GNOME also comes with some really great docs about the panel - right click
-> panel -> panel manual should bring it up.

Hope this helps,

> Thanks
> Pat
> P.S This Helix distribution is much nicer than the standard RedHat one !
> --

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