gnome-core / gnome-applets 1.1.6 "BRAINTREE!!" released


New versions of gnome-core and gnome-applets are now available from your
local GNOME ftp mirror.  These are the latest releases of the unstable
development branch, which will hopefully soon be 1.2.

The biggest change in this version is again documentation.  Almost all
of the applets now have user documentation, and much of the panel is
also documented.

 * Availability



 * Bug fixes

        - Jason Leach fixed many small bugs and inconsistencies

        - Tons of docs, including some in Italian (Telsa Gwynne,
          Christopher R. Gabriel, Dan Mueth, Alexander Kirillov,
          John Fleck)

        - hungry menus now work again (Peter Hawkins)

        - BadAccess errors when running with enlightenment should now
          be fixed (me, George)

        - help browser will now jump to an anchor when a url containing
          one is passed on the command line (me)

        - gnome-hint now can be disabled via a toggle button (Anders

        - gnome-terminal's preferences dialog's help button now works
          (Miguel, me)

        - Normal bug fixing from the crew

Ramble on,
"I say, get it while you can." -- Janis Joplin

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